Wuhan Dog Waiting for 3 Months at Hospital For Dead Owner to Return is a Modern-Day Hachiko


Wuhan Dog Waiting for 3 Months at Hospital For Dead Owner to Return is a Modern-Day Hachiko

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

A dog is man’s best friend, and no one could possibly ever argue that fact. Ever so often, we encounter stories that reiterate how wholesome and deep the relationship between a man and his four-legged furry buddy can be.

In a modern-day setting that sadly imitates the story of Hachikō, comes the recent news of a dog named Xiao Bao who earnestly waited at the hospital for months after his owner’s death. Just like Hachikō who awaited his owner’s return for over nine years, even after his death, seven-year-old Xiao Bao continued to wait at the hospital after his dear owner had succumbed to Covid-19.

Xiao Bao’s owner was admitted to Wuhan Taikang Hospital, China in February. However, the elderly man passed away after just five days due to the virus. Unaware that his owner would not be returning, the little male pooch waited in the hospital’s lobby for more than three months. As the dedicated dog searched around for his owner, the kind-hearted staff at the hospital made sure to feed him.

From April 13, Xiao Bao was cared for by Wu Cuifen, who runs a supermarket on the first floor of the hospital building and had returned to reopen it after Wuhan had lifted its lockdown restrictions. In fact, it was Cuifen who gave Xiao Bao his name, which translates to “little treasure” in Chinese.

After learning that Xiao Bao’s owner, a pensioner, had passed away without his four-legged friend’s knowledge, Cuifen started to look after the dog, moved by his unwavering loyalty. As she spent the following days getting to know the dog and grew familiar with him, she started bringing little Xiao Bao to her shop.

According to Cuifen, Xiao Bao refused to step out of the hospital, clearly afraid that he would miss the sight of his owner. Though there were deliberate attempts to get the dog to leave, he always managed to find his way back to the hospital even after being dropped off a long way off.

However, on May 20 with regular patients filing in, the staff received complaints about the dog on the loose and expressed their displeasure and concerns. With no choice, the nurses got in contact with the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, whose members took Xiao Bao in. They are now trying to find him a new home.

Little Xiao Bao’s loyalty towards his owner has moved the hearts of many.

“Your loyalty has no limits,” translates one user’s tweet.

We really are undeserving of such faithfulness.

A dog’s love is not only incredible, but also never-ending.

The shelter is currently running checks on animal lovers who have expressed their wish to foster Xiao Bao, reported Daily Mail. We hope Xiao Bao finds a home that gives him all the love and warmth he deserves.