Two Elephants in Bihar are “Crorepatis”. That’s News Worth Trumpeting


Two Elephants in Bihar are “Crorepatis”. That’s News Worth Trumpeting

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Winning over the trust of animals is like winning a lottery. Not only does it feel like unlocking life’s greatest achievement, the love they shower you with in return is also wholesome and fulfilling. But in Bihar’s Patna, two elephants seemed to have received their human’s love in crores – quite literally.

Akhtar Imam, chief manager of the Asian Elephant Rehabilitation and Wildlife Animal Trust (AERAWAT), signed half of his property to his wife and the other half of his share, worth ₹5 crore, to his two elephants, Moti and Rani.

Moti, 20, and Rani, 15, stay with Imam at his Patna residence and have apparently saved his life from local goons on multiple occasions. When criminals carrying pistols made an attempt to murder Imam, it was the elephants that trumpted out loud and raised an alarm for their master, and helped him chase away the thugs. Filled with gratitude, he wrote a share of five bighas of land in his transfer deed to the two heroic elephants. The proceeds from the sale of his house too will be given to them.

A few netizens couldn’t hide their surprise at Imam’s decision.

But for Imam, who has been looking after elephants since the young age of 12, it only seemed natural. “Animals are faithful, unlike humans,” he told news agency ANI. “I’ve worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I don’t want that after my death my elephants are orphaned.” To Imam, his elephants are like his own children and he cannot imagine a life without his jumbo kids. After his death, the elephants would be looked after by AERAWAT organisation.

The heartwarming news comes amid a time when the country grieves the ghastly death of the pregnant elephant in Kerala who died after eating a cracker-laden pineapple, a trap that was set up for wild boars. After bearing severe injuries to its mouth, the miserable elephant wandered into the Velliyar River, where it stayed standing until breathing its last. The brutal incident led to a public outrage, leading the Kerala government to start a probe. A man has since been arrested for the same.

But Akhtar Imam’s dedication toward his elephant kids serves as a reminder that one good human is all it takes to change an animal’s life for the better.