The Mandir We Need: Mumbai Temple Feeds Strays with Milk Offered by Devotees


The Mandir We Need: Mumbai Temple Feeds Strays with Milk Offered by Devotees

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

While the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is currently the subject of the national media’s attention for the politics, controversies, and debates surrounding it, another temple in Mumbai is getting its own slice of social media attention. A video from a Facebook page called “Animals Matter to Me – Mumbai” has been doing the rounds of the internet, where milk donated as offerings from temple devotees is used to feed stray dogs.

“Milk collected in the temple for rituals is now morally served to feed strays. This way many hungry tummies are fed. Bring in a change, before all charges against us. @amtmindia salutes this wave of love,” the video was captioned on Facebook.

The gesture has won hearts across the internet, with commenters praising the temple for putting the spirit of charity and kindness into practice. In the video, a person is seen pouring a large container of milk into a feeding tray, as the gathered stray dogs approach and begin drinking. It’s a novel way to reduce wastage, as well as a humane approach that lives up to the spirit of service preached by all religions.

Some have called the practise the “best way to please God”, and few would disagree with that.

Others have celebrated the move as a fine example of humanity.

At a time when animal cruelty has often been in the news in the past few months, some found happiness in this feel-good story.

Charity and love are supposed to be at the heart of every religion, and this temple is a reminder of how to keep those values close.