The Paw-litical News We’ve Been Waiting For: DOTUS-elect, Champ and Major, Are on Twitter


The Paw-litical News We’ve Been Waiting For: DOTUS-elect, Champ and Major, Are on Twitter

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

It has been a ruff year, but here’s some paw-sitive news right from the White House after four years. Joe Biden’s win at the 46th US Presidential election will restore the centuries-old tradition of having a presidential pet – or two, in this case, at the White House.

Under Donald Trump, the White House had been a pet-free zone for the first time in more than a century. But in January next year, the Biden family are set to move in with their German shepherds. America meet your DOTUS-elect, the future First Dogs, Champ and Major!

That’s not all, they just got their own Twitter account. And they’ve attracted 89.4k followers already.

Champ and Major thanked their suppawters, who endorsed their dad.

Champ was a gift to wife Jill from Joe Biden after he was elected the vice-president in 2008. Named by Biden’s grandchildren, the inspiration for Champ comes from Joe’s father who often encouraged him growing up with the words, “Get up, champ.” A three-month-old pup back then, Champ lived at One Observatory Circle in Washington with the Biden family during Barack Obama’s administration.

The German shepherd also made an appearance in Biden’s campaign Twitter feed.

Major, a rescue dog, joined the Bidens only two years ago. What makes his shift to the presidential residence historic is that Major will be the first animal from a rescue shelter to live at the White House.

Years ago, Biden had faced backlash for purchasing Champ from a Pennsylvania breeder, instead of opting for adoption. However, the family’s decision to adopt Major had been well-received.

It was only last week that Biden had tweeted a video of Trump at a rally asking, “How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?…I don’t feel good.” To this reasoning, Biden simply commented, “Let’s put dogs back in the White House.”

And America couldn’t have been more ready!

What’s better than one good boy? TWO GOOD BOYS! God bless America!

You bet Champ-Major interactions will break the internet.

The countdown has begun.