My Golden Labrador’s Guide to Grace


My Golden Labrador’s Guide to Grace

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


immy, a lean, young Indian pooch, belonged to my neighbour’s cook and lived with him in a shack behind our apartment. Blithely unaware of his humble heritage, this cocky young mutt took a shine to Tyra, a woman of pedigree and the love of my life.

Every night, as I walked my gorgeous golden Labrador, Jimmy would make a dash for her – prancing, pouncing, and preening for attention only to be dismissed with a look of nonchalance, as she continued to sashay down the street. Unperturbed by his crassness, Tyra found no bliss or amusement in his meaningless shenanigans. In fact, quite the contrary. She pretended he didn’t exist.