• Why Are We Freaking Out About LinkedIn’s Red Light District?

    Social media is only following Rule 34 of the internet – if something exists online, a porn version of it must exist too. Social media’s Rule 34 avatar is sexual media. And LinkedIn’s Red Light District is only a by-product of this.

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  • The Fault in Aadhaars

    Will the new virtual ID really change anything for Aadhaar? When compared with the ordered system of getting a fresh passport, with all its regulations in place, the process of acquiring an Aadhaar seems closer to getting a gym membership.

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  • AppleiPhoneTimCookSlow If It’s Not a Slow iPhone, It’s Not an iPhone

    Apple has confessed that it does slow down older iPhones to protect against issues caused by ageing batteries. I hope the next time they drop an “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” ad, they add, “It’s a slightly faster phone”.

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  • ripfitbit RIP FitBit. VR Headsets You Are Next

    How did we all buy in to the seduction of wearable tech? Was it the “lose weight now” promise of the makers? Or was it this need to appear tech woke, all the time?

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  • TRAI Harder USA, India Trumps the Net Neutrality Debate

    What America is risking with its net neutrality restrictions is creating an unequal internet for rich and poor people. Learn from us, America, you don’t need any more inequality.

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