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The Real High


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  • The Real High With Rannvijay Singha | Coming Soon

    Join Rannvijay Singha on our new show The Real High presented by Arunachal Pradesh Tourism and driven by the new Nissan Terrano. Coming soon.

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  • Audition for The Real High

    The Real High is an adventure reality show based on a journey set in Arunachal Pradesh for 10-12 days in which 6 city slickers (Challengers) are put to test under harsh conditions, to bring out the challenger spirit in them so as to experience ‘The Real High’ that can be found only in nature. Rannvijay mentors and guides them all the way through the entire journey while challenging them to push themselves beyond their known limits. So send us your audition video and tell us why we should select you. You can send to us your auditions as a Facebook / YouTube link, or message us your videos on WhatsApp (+91 877-9649074)

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