The Drugged Dictator

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  • Religion The Father, the Son, and the Holy Rave Party

    After attending prayer meetings where people go into epileptic tizzies, I’ve come to the conclusion that a religious gathering is nothing more than a rave party for the faithful.

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  • Pride and Pedicures

    Beauty parlours in small-town India were a refuge for women, where they walked in and shed everything, from their clothes to centuries of inhibition. But the advent of big, branded salons has encroached upon that safe space.

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  • MyDaredevilDoppelgnger My Daredevil Doppelgänger

    The “brand new” SIM card I’d got in April last year, belonged to another woman before me. She also had almost the same name. And it turned out that she led a rather colourful – unhinged – life.

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  • TheHalfMotherofMowgliGirl The Half Mother of Mowgli Girl

    When Neeta Newton, a nurse at Bahraich district hospital, first met the “Mowgli" girl, she would screech and bite. But Neeta knew this fight – to “humanise” her – would be a fight worth fighting.

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  • TheInterminableWaitforDeathatMuktiBhawan-Varanasi The Interminable Wait for Death at Mukti Bhawan

    In Varanasi’s death hostels, the hope of achieving nirvana keeps alive people like Gulab Bai, who have been staring death in the face for decades.

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