The Drugged Dictator

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    Bikers, who take over the streets of Mumbai at midnight, are a nightmare for law-abiding motorists. But they say speed is an addiction, and the city needs to keep pace with them.

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  • DanielDayLewis Daniel Day-Lewis, the Lunatic

    Daniel Day-Lewis acquired the reputation of a man, willing to lose his sanity by wanting to become a different person for a different film. But I see method in his madness.

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  • Down With Bearded Bros

    We live in the time of rampant beards and man buns. But beards are to me what Donald Trump is to factual information, incompatible.

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  • BorderandtheBravePirateofAbuDhabi Border and the Brave Pirate of Abu Dhabi

    Twenty years ago, Border was not released in the UAE to avoid conflict between Indians and Pakistanis. But one intrepid merchant managed to smuggle a VHS cassette into Abu Dhabi.

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  • Rajkummar Rao and The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

    In a Bollywood populated by big-budget superstar vehicles and clichéd remakes, Rajkummar Rao has striven to redefine the interpretation of a “character actor” and his saleability.

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