Official CEOgiri

Official CEOgiri

season 2
, 2 episodes

The tables have turned. Official Chukyagiri Season 2 is back now as Official CEOgiri. Revolving around the elusive CEO of the office, essayed by India’s leading digital star, Sumeet Vyas, the drone aka D will present his worldview on corporate life. Get ready for double the drama and double the fun!

Episodes in Official CEOgiri

  • Official CEOgiri Episode 1 | Episode 2 Now Streaming on Arré

    “When you’re falling off a cliff, it doesn’t matter whether you land on your face or your ass!” Dilawar Rana aka D is in deep trouble. Episode 1 of Digene presents #OfficialCEOgiri in association with and Dabur Red Gel streaming now. Be the first to watch Episode 2 live only on & the Arré App here:

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  • Official CEOgiri Episode 2 | Episode 1 & 2 Now Streaming Arré

    Rati has cheated Dilawar, she has stolen all his clients. Desperate, he turns to Mallika for help. Magar kaun hai yeh Mallika? Find out in Episode 2 of Digene presents Official CEOgiri in association with BankBazaar and Dabur Red Gel. Watch Episode 3 first on and the Arré App on Mar 26

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