Chasing Blue Skies: My Stint in Rehab | An Audio Story

First Person


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    There’s no stigma around prescription medication; it isn’t considered a vice like alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana. Still, refusing to recognise the demon of addiction doesn’t mean it isn’t perched on your back. I lost sleep, gained weight, and intentionally started hurting myself, leading to a spiral of self-loathing.

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    To quit smoking doesn’t mean taking your lungs off a diet of toxic smoke. In many ways, it feels like ceasing to be who you are.

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    Cocaine certainly is one hell of a drug – if you aren’t Indian that is. Actually, barring weed, any narcotic is a disaster when it comes to Indians. If our use of alcohol is any indication, drugs and Indians just don’t mix well.

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  • Depression I Slept with Depression…

    Sleeping with depression was the biggest mistake, and also the best decision of my life. I know he’s not in love with me. He’s just using me. I’m that crazy girl who keeps sleeping with the guy she’s in love with and then cries about it but then repeats the process again.

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  • PsychiatricFacility Two Weeks in the Psych Ward

    In the common ward of the psychiatric facility, I was certain my condition was worsening because of the atmosphere. In that motley crew of recovering addicts and schizos, I found friendship and the will to go on.

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