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  • LovingMyLoveHandlesLikeLenaDunham-Girls Loving My Love Handles Like Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham empowered her actors to act through their bodies. In the six years that I’ve followed Girls, it has made me not cringe at my own nudity.

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  • TheSwiftRiseandFallofArvindKejriwal The Swift Rise and Fall of Arvind Kejriwal

    With great hope comes greater disappointment. The Delhi CM’s meteoric rise has been just as speedy as his fall appears to be, if the AAP routing in the MCD elections is any

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  • KejriwalkeLiyeKejriwal Kejriwal ke Liye Kejriwal

    Arvind Kejriwal has lost the Municipal Corporation of Delhi battle and the plot. To comfort him, we've made him his namesake dish, Eggs Kejriwal. Cheer up Arvind, there's more

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  • ArvindKejriwal The Misadventures of Arvind Kejriwal

    How did Kejriwal go from a human flamethrower of truth to the bro selling conspiracies on the streets of Delhi? The story of India’s most precious common man.

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  • TheSilverLiningsofMyBad-DateBook-DatingDisasters The Silver Linings of My Bad-Date Book

    Bad dates teach us lessons about our wants. By the simple logic of mathematics, the more you know about what you don’t want, the closer you are to figuring out what you want

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