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  • Kleptomaniac Kleptomania: A Rich Man’s Disease? Or Poor Man’s Chori

    I played wingman to a kleptomaniac friend. I distracted a bar waiter, as my buddy Pranay lifted a couple of beers. Unlike him, I was filled with guilt, making me wonder if it

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  • My Bai, the Cleaner of My Conscience

    Even though it’s been years since I sat for an exam, the moment my maid rings the doorbell at 8 am, I break into the kind of cold sweat I’d experience before entering an e

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  • jointfamilytvserialepisodedramaEktaKapoorsaasbahubigbosssitcompoliticshomeeveryday Kyunki TV Bhi Kabhi Real Life Tha

    Indian joint families and the Ekta Kapoor brand of TV serials are caught in an endless loop of art imitating life imitating art imitating life. The only difference is we don

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  • A Class of Flying Colours

    Thane ke ek sharnalaya ke nanhe vaasi apne mohalle ko berang se navrang karne mein jut gaye hain. Scribble Foundation ke sahyog se, ek eent patthar ka neeras sharnalaya, rango

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