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  • DiwaliTaashParty Humans of Diwali Taash Party

    Diwali: That time of the year where maniacal exhibitionism is injected with steroids. Meet the Goodwill Hunter and the Chakna Eater, stock features of the dick-measuring conte

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  • Why We Must Thank Mira Nair for PK Dubey

    With Monsoon Wedding, Mira Nair breathed life into Delhi on celluloid more than 15 years ago. And even today, Nair’s eccentric, marigold-chewing PK Dubey remains unforgettab

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  • The Arré Interview With Manu Joseph

    Does Manu Joseph hate everyone? The journalist-author chats about taking on the right and the left wing, people who eat salad, and his new book, Ms Laila Armed and Dangerous

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  • The Stoic Struggle of Being Gautam Gambhir

    If we were to write the history of Indian cricket up until now, Gautam Gambhir should be mentioned in the first paragraph. He belongs alongside CK Nayudu, Kapil Dev, Sachin Te

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  • MAMI Humans of MAMI

    Every October, an arsenal of wide-eyed, mostly broke, fully sleep-deprived film buffs flocks to the MAMI Film Festival. For them, A is for Akira Kurosawa, B is for Bela Tarr,

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