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  • balaknama Balaknama: The Street Children’s Newsroom

    Balaknama is a newspaper run by the children, for the children. India’s only publication with street kids at the helm, it does not involve itself in politics or popular cult

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  • Sikhism Fixo, Kadha Prasad, and Being Sikh

    There are a few occasions when I examine my faith. A faith kept alive by tenuous connections like my relationship with my grandfather, the last of the Sikhs who came from Paki

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  • PornUsher The Life and Times of a Porn Theatre Usher

    For the last 20 years, Shrivastav has been ushering folks who want to pleasure themselves to a humid, musty room in Mumbai’s Imperial Cinema. His job was simple: Fetching do

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  • LastRitesMan The Last Rites Man

    Jaspal Singh Pali has cremated more than 500 unclaimed bodies in the last seven years. All of them were strangers. He is known as UP's "Last Rites Man".

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