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  • grief Grief in the Age of Social Media

    Modern grief, the kind that lives on the internet, is a whole world away from old-world grief, the kind you preserved inside of you. The modern take on grieving is to share an

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  • 1 Like = 1 Apocalypse Averted

    Scientists are now releasing doomsday warnings like they’re Golmaal sequels. Good thing the woke environmentalists keep sharing them from their air-conditioned rooms.

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  • Mission Impossible: How to Get a Yoga Body for Cheap

    Health is a performance and an expensive one. So what is a broke girl, who has no coin for quinoa, New Balance sneakers, and a bottle of green juice to do?

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  • rajahindustani Raja Hindustani – Best Kiss Ever

    Kyunki Raja Hindustani ki aaj 21vi saalgirah hai, Fitoor Mishra kehta hai ki jisse yeh chumbhan pasand nahin woh saala gadha hai! #BestKissEver #21YearsOfRajaHindustani

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  • What Your 10-Year-Old Self Thinks Of You

    Remember the "When I will be 30..." essay you wrote in school? Now, your 10-year-old self is back to ask you some tough questions. Happy #ChildrensDay!

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