First Person

  • MyAbsentAbba My Absent Abba

    My Abba and I barely spoke. And while the lives of my friends’ fathers were not as complicated as my Abba’s, their memories of daddy-daughter conversations were limited too.

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  • MyBrothersKeeper-Bhaidooj My Brother’s Keeper

    I’m grateful for my younger siblings every day and have anointed them my guardians. We were raised to be a team anyway, responsible for each other’s care and protection.

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  • A Literary Guide to Surviving a Separation

    I started a book club while undergoing a painful split with my partner. But line by line, paragraph by paragraph, the books helped me put my life back together.

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  • Ed Hardy & Other Absolute Nos

    In a world of too many greys, it is comforting to have some black-or-white absolutes. Like knowing you couldn’t date a guy with a dog named Tuffy.

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  • MyLoveAffairwithUmaParmeshwari-WorldHeritageDay My Love Affair with Uma Parmeshwari

    Vijay’s fascination with an 11th-century Goddess drives his quest to recover India’s stolen antiques. After an eight-year struggle, he fulfils his promise to bring her home.

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