Runjhun Noopur

Runjhun Noopur is a writer based out of nowhere (or anywhere, depending on who you ask). She writes, talks, eats, and inserts oxford comma, mostly in that order. She also likes to believe that she can teach people all about happiness.

  • Teetotaller A Teetotaller’s Request: Stop Fun-Shaming My Kind

    Life is not a Quora thread and hence not all teetotallers have grand backstories that involve prisons, arrests, and a dozen deaths. Sometimes our reasons are as simple as we don’t friggin’ like alcohol. So stop urging us to “loosen up and embrace the times”.

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  • Euthanasia Can the Euthanasia Verdict Undo India’s Gag Order on Death?

    Death and its aftermath is sacrosanct in our culture, neatly packed and regulated by elaborate rituals and presided over by a deafening silence. Will the Supreme Court judgement on passive euthanasia change this? Can the fact that we now have the right to die make us finally start talking about dying?

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  • The Celebrity Death Syndrome: Mortality on Our Minds

    Death happens. We ignore it, if we can. When we can’t, as is in the case of celebrities like Sridevi or a loved one, we rush deep into denial, frantically looking for scapegoats to explain the freak occurrence. And then we move on.

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