Runjhun Noopur

Runjhun Noopur is a writer based out of nowhere (or anywhere, depending on who you ask). She writes, talks, eats, and inserts oxford comma, mostly in that order. She also likes to believe that she can teach people all about happiness.

  • Bollywood Mamas: A Little Less Farida Jalal, a Little More Ratna Pathak Shah Please

    In between Nirupa Roy’s martyred mom and Farida Jalal’s laissez-faire approach to parenthood, very few Bollywood films have dared to narrate stories of motherhood with the nuance and sensitivity —and sometimes the humour — they deserve.

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  • InfinityWar Infinity War and the Evolution of the Indian Fan

    Not everyone who watches the “first day, first show” of every Avengers movie is a true fan. If you didn’t start sobbing like a fool when Tony reminds Steve that he was his friend too, you, my friend, are no true fan.

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  • Mumbai Meri Jaan: Kabhi Cushy, Kabhie Kaam

    The first time I met Mumbai, I was looking at the city through keyholes that were actually the glassed domes of its fabled high-rises, tinted with expensive weekends. My second encounter with Mumbai was when I was between jobs. It was harsh and overwhelming – an eye-opening reality check into my privileges.

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  • AndazIllus Andaz Apna Apna: Celebrating the Mahapurushes of the Fool’s World

    We love Andaz Apna Apna for the same reason we enjoy a good April Fools’ prank. Sometimes and in small doses, being a fool can be exhilarating. Andaz Apna Apna is what life would look like if we stopped taking ourselves so damned seriously all the time and embraced our inner idiot.

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  • KumarSanu How to Win Friends & Influence People, Kumar Sanu-Style

    Music from the ’90s has an uncanny ability to bring people together. From the veterans of the cool jamming in some abandoned garage in Mumbai to seasoned hippies grooving around a bonfire in the remote Himalayas, the ’90s is a theme that finds resonance in the unlikeliest of the settings and with the unlikeliest of people.

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  • Teetotaller A Teetotaller’s Request: Stop Fun-Shaming My Kind

    Life is not a Quora thread and hence not all teetotallers have grand backstories that involve prisons, arrests, and a dozen deaths. Sometimes our reasons are as simple as we don’t friggin’ like alcohol. So stop urging us to “loosen up and embrace the times”.

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  • Euthanasia Can the Euthanasia Verdict Undo India’s Gag Order on Death?

    Death and its aftermath is sacrosanct in our culture, neatly packed and regulated by elaborate rituals and presided over by a deafening silence. Will the Supreme Court judgement on passive euthanasia change this? Can the fact that we now have the right to die make us finally start talking about dying?

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  • The Celebrity Death Syndrome: Mortality on Our Minds

    Death happens. We ignore it, if we can. When we can’t, as is in the case of celebrities like Sridevi or a loved one, we rush deep into denial, frantically looking for scapegoats to explain the freak occurrence. And then we move on.

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