Priyanjana Roy Das

Priyanjana spends most of her time watching cat videos and writing sugar-coated love letters to food. She has an unhealthy obsession with mismatched socks and pathetic jokes.

  • Truly Madly Paddy

    “Loving you has not been easy.” A love letter to rice.

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  • KhaleesikaDabba Khaleesi ka Dabba

    Tiffin Khaleesis exist in every school. They are the inconspicuous students who become stars for a brief moment every day by virtue of their lunch boxes.

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  • Enemy of the Taste

    I detest brinjals. It’s slimy and does not have the courtesy to leave you with a respectable aftertaste.

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  • Lahe Lahe Land and the Art of Laziness

    People in Assam believe in lingering. We believe in slothful, listless days. Even months. Safe to say, years.

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