Karima Khan

Karima is a writer and a standup comedian from Mumbai. Her blood tests have revealed that she's mostly made of shawarma. She enjoys back scratches and writing in third person because that's how you feel #official. Hit the girl up on Twitter @karimasanela.

  • ramazantiffin My Name is Khan and I Don’t Fast! Can Non-Muslims Please Calm Down

    Each time I open my dabba at lunch hour during Ramzan, the non-Muslim people at work gasp and ask, “You aren’t fasting?” Food defines their understanding of Islam and anyone in violation of that tenet threatens their understanding of the entire faith.

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  • Biryani Ladies Never Get the Leg Piece

    As a child, what I hated most about hosting, was having to wait until I got to eat. At first, I thought we let the men eat first because they’re older than us. I realised the practice had everything to do with my gender when I had to serve delicious saalan to my much younger male cousin.

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