Bhaskar Chawla

Bhaskar Chawla is a writer, and a lifelong student of screenwriting. He writes about cricket, cinema, television, and life in general. His favourite thing in the world is common sense.

  • KJo KJo, the Fairy Godmother of Every Star Child

    As a proverbial star kid struggling to land five lead roles, we have only one guardian angel. He's the man who taught us that all heroes don’t wear capes – some wear Manish Malhotra suits.

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  • MBA How to Spot An MBA

    MBA Boy has the money. But money can’t buy him a personality and he still has no luck with the ladies. Because “stable job and good income” aren’t as appealing on Tinder as they are on

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  • How to Spot a Launda or Desi Frat Boy

    The Desi Frat Boy has a superiority complex. He’s misogynistic, vile, and homophobic. Should we blame him for being a douchebag or our patriarchy?

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  • Tamasha Tamasha And The Celebration Of The Universal Story

    Tamasha is the rare Bollywood film that accomplishes the feat of being “meta”, avoiding becoming a clichéd rehash of Imtiaz Ali’s earlier films.

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