Ashwina Garg

Ashwina Garg is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. She is the author of the best-selling book 'Spicy Bites of Biryani' and writes regularly for Women’s Era, Bonobology and other sites. She has a keen interest in social causes and writes for the Hyderabad-based NGO, SAHE and TEDxHyderabad.

  • Restaurant The Restaurant Caste System: Goras are the Brahmins, Stags the Outcast

    Indian restaurants and pubs have their own caste system. Firangs are the Brahmins of the restaurant world, and next in line are Silver Spoons – celebrities from the film industry. All the hospitality is reserved for them. At the bottom of the rung are single, young men, aka the Sad Stag Group.

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  • MomBod How I Learnt to Embrace My Mom Bod

    It’s perfectly acceptable for a man to get broader as he ages. We’ve even coined a cute little name for the male, middle-aged spread: the dad bod. Then why isn’t there a corresponding mom bod? We can refer to them as MILJH... Mothers I’d Like To Just Hug.

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  • Why I Might Lose My Feminist Club Membership

    I think not having a #MeToo story to tell is a great story by itself. It is a story of hope. It is validation of the fact that we can rely on at least a few good men and some of them are on our side.

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  • Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat, and V-Day for the Middle-Aged Woman

    Nobody deserves to celebrate Valentine’s Day more than the middle-class, middle-aged, muddle-headed woman. She got her everlasting love and parental approval, but sadly, all her ideas of romance are rooted in Bollywood from the ’90s.

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  • How School Makes Moms Smart Again

    Your kids won’t stay dumb and cute forever. They’ll soon figure out how terrible a student you were, and if you want to earn their respect you have to put in the work.

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  • sindoor Analysing Ek Chutki Sindoor Ki Kimat

    Anushka Sharma sported some sindoor at her wedding reception and the woke brigade was upset. But to sindoor or not to sindoor, is a woman’s choice.

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  • SalonKeratinanxietyBeauty A Keratin Treatment for Salon Anxiety

    The moment I stepped into the branded salon, a Hrithik lookalike escorted me to a butter-soft reclining chair. He then lifted up strands of my hair, whipped out a camera, and took close-ups of my scalp with the seriousness of a doctor studying an MRI. I quickly scanned the area for his MBBS in Trichology.

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  • mothers Three Cheers for the Mediocre Mommies

    Wedged between the career woman and the domestic goddess, is the Not-So-Supermom. The world admires women who fall neatly into those two categories but can be quite cruel when you don’t fit into either.

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  • bdsm Pink Handcuffs and Other BDSM Blunders of My Marriage

    I tried it all, the leather outfits and the furry handcuffs. But my husband of 20 years preferred saris and my children tried to use the handcuffs to play chor-police.

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