Aparna joshi

Aparna Joshi likes to travel, observe and meet different folks. When the mood is right, she writes too.

  • APlacetoCallTheirOwn-BabasahebAmbedkar A Place to Call Their Own

    Babasaheb Ambedkar believed that hero worship was a sure road to dictatorship. His sage advice would have been valuable today, amid all the political chaos over a memorial dedicated to him.

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  • NASATheCopywriterandtheCosmos The Copywriter and the Cosmos

    On earth, Vinay Singh is a copywriter. Soon though, he will be floating in zero gravity in a NASA-facilitated spaceplane. A young man’s journey to the stars.

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  • Getting Under the Skin of India’s Only Taxidermist

    Dr Santosh Gaikwad sometimes annoys his wife by stuffing birds in the fridge, but his intentions are good. He ensures animals live a life after death.

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  • Bitcoin, for the Good Guys

    The Isle of Man has bought into the vision of an Indian mathematician to develop a virtual currency that helps prevent bribes. Could this system be replicated in India?

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  • The Case of the Vanishing Doctor Uncle

    In a Parel gaothan, Dr Nayak continues a tradition of treating families for everything from the flu to sprains. But with the rise of multi-specialty clinics, his days are numbered.

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  • The Fruit Ninjas of India

    The humble pear and the doctor-approved apple no longer cut ice. As city folk up their fruit game, the person most thrilled with this one-upmanship is the farmer.

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  • The Life and Times of a Surrogate Mother

    Leaving stigma behind in the dust of the fields they toil in, Gujarat's surrogate mothers are scripting a narrative of change.

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