Aparna joshi

Aparna Joshi likes to travel, observe and meet different folks. When the mood is right, she writes too.

  • Plastic Life After Plastic. It’s Fantastic

    Years before plastic became pervasive, you went to buy ration swinging a cloth bag. The local butcher wrapped up your mutton in yesterday’s newspaper. But plastic adapted itself like a shape-shifting hydra to suit our urban needs.

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  • Only the Lunatics Watch the Moon in Mumbai

    Inboxes flooded with images of the super moon from across the globe as it traversed one time zone to another, bewitching everyone with its triple magic. A city had managed to remember that there’s a moon in the urban sky.

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  • APlacetoCallTheirOwn-BabasahebAmbedkar A Place to Call Their Own

    Babasaheb Ambedkar believed that hero worship was a sure road to dictatorship. His sage advice would have been valuable today, amid all the political chaos over a memorial dedicated to him.

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  • NASATheCopywriterandtheCosmos The Copywriter and the Cosmos

    On earth, Vinay Singh is a copywriter. Soon though, he will be floating in zero gravity in a NASA-facilitated spaceplane. A young man’s journey to the stars.

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  • Getting Under the Skin of India’s Only Taxidermist

    Dr Santosh Gaikwad sometimes annoys his wife by stuffing birds in the fridge, but his intentions are good. He ensures animals live a life after death.

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  • Bitcoin, for the Good Guys

    The Isle of Man has bought into the vision of an Indian mathematician to develop a virtual currency that helps prevent bribes. Could this system be replicated in India?

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  • The Case of the Vanishing Doctor Uncle

    In a Parel gaothan, Dr Nayak continues a tradition of treating families for everything from the flu to sprains. But with the rise of multi-specialty clinics, his days are numbered.

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  • The Fruit Ninjas of India

    The humble pear and the doctor-approved apple no longer cut ice. As city folk up their fruit game, the person most thrilled with this one-upmanship is the farmer.

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  • The Life and Times of a Surrogate Mother

    Leaving stigma behind in the dust of the fields they toil in, Gujarat's surrogate mothers are scripting a narrative of change.

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