Aarti Shetty

Copywriter by default, song writer by habit, and dedicated dreamer by profession. I believe in destiny and in Alice and her wonderland. I'm an utterly hopeless romantic, and have been most kindly labelled a strange jumble of improbabilities. Intolerant to chocolate, caffeine, vinegar, mushrooms, fanatics and hypocrisy, to name just a few. I live in the greys of life.

  • PleaseCatchMeBeforeIFall-ArjunBhardwaj-Arr Please Catch Me Before I Fall

    When you are at the brink, caught between trudging on and ending it all, an understanding look or reassuring hand – or even the memory of a dead uncle – can make all the difference.

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  • SriReddy What About Sri Reddy’s Nude Protest Outrages Us?

    The reactions to actor Sri Reddy’s semi-nude protest at MAA have been described as “disgusting” and “embarrassing”. But the only thing viewers should be embarrassed about, are the predators Reddy has named and shamed.

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  • Sridevi: The Overwhelming Silence of the Queen of Laughter

    In a 300-film career spanning more than 50 years, you’d be hard pressed to find an occasion when Sridevi has spoken off-screen. Whether in controversy, celebration, or grief, Sridevi remained quiet.

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  • The Power of the Uncowed Woman

    The actress that Malayalam superstar Dileep conspired to assault, had “transgressed” and had to be “punished” for it. But what happens when the victim rejects her victimhood?

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  • TheManyHandsonMyBodychildsexualabuse The Many Hands on My Body

    “Bad touch” caught me by surprise in many different ways while I was growing up. Unwarranted proximity suffocated me. After one point, no one could touch me.

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